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Maksal™ Tubes (Pty) Ltd. is South Africa's leading manufacturer of Copper tubing and Copper busbar, extrusions and profiles. Maksal™ has a long tradition of service, providing our customers with quality products. Our world standard production facilities are backed up by an excellent support service including engineering and technical development, marketing and finance aimed at ensuring that Maksal™ products meet your requirements.

Our Commitment to Quality

Maksal™ Tubes (Pty) Ltd. shall exceed customer expectations by continuously improving the quality of its products and customer service. Maksal™ shall monitor customer expectations, product and service performance and implement improvements as and when opportunities are identified. Maksal™ shall maintain its ISO 9002 quality accreditation and product mark by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) and strive to obtain other accreditation as is necessary to ensure global competitiveness.

Plumbing tubing carbon levels tested in accordance with EN 723 (Less than 0.2mg/dm2).


Maksal™ Tubes (Pty) Ltd. achieved local certification of ISO 9002 quality system in 1994 and carries the South African Bureau of Standards product mark.


Given its rich history, technical skill, and modern equipment, Maksal™ is a world player capable of servicing its international customers with a range of products that will satisfy their every need. To support these claims Maksal™ has achieved the ISO 9002. Maksal™ also complies with the local quality assessment organisation's ISO 9002 requirements and manufactures to most quality standards such as ASTM, EN, DIN & JIS.


Maksal™ Tubes (Pty) Ltd. 's origin dates back to the late 1940's when the first copper tube was produced at the present site at Springs, 50km east of Johannesburg..

Maksal™ Tubes (Pty) Ltd. is a dominant force in the non-ferrous tube and extrusion industry in South Africa, developing thin walled plumbing, air conditioning and refrigeration tube specially to meet the growing demands of the international markets.

Maksal™ Tubes (Pty) Ltd. was purchased by a consortium comprising Management, Gold Circle Metals (Pty) Ltd and Rand Merchant Bank in early 1998. On the 8th of May 2012, the Competition Tribunal of South Africa issued a Merger Clearance Certificate in which Sunset Bay Trading 368 (Pty) Ltd obtained permission to acquire all the shares in Jobling Investments (Pty) Ltd. The new share holders have implemented a rigorous Capital Investment program aimed at elevating Maksal™s manufacturing activities in line with modern world class manufacturing practices and at the same time have embarked on a global marketing strategy.

Maksal™ offers its customer:

  • Complete satisfaction with our product
  • Prompt, friendly and efficient response to enquiries and complaints
  • A commitment to continual improvement of our product and service to meet the challenges of a dynamic environment
  • Price competitiveness
  • Products that conform to customer and international standards


Maksal™ Tubes (Pty) Ltd. will be an international supplier of competitively priced copper tube and copper solid extrusions.


  • Do it Right Every Time
  • Teamwork Creates Success
  • Achieving Goals is Rewarding
  • We Respect the Dignity of Each Individual
  • Recognize Performance
  • We are Proud of our Company & Products
  • Keep one another Informed
  • Encourage Creativity & Innovation
  • Keep our Customers Satisfied
  • We are Cost Conscious


Maksal™ Tubes (Pty) Ltd. strives to be a leading, reliable, low cost manufacturer and supplier of superior quality copper tube, copper solid extrusions and copper capillary fittings to the building and manufacturing industries internationally and in so doing create wealth for all stakeholders.


  • Teamwork
  • Innovation in our striving to be the lowest cost producer
  • Conduct our business on an ethical and transparent basis
  • Treating our stakeholders with fairness and integrity