Extruded Copper Product Range

Rectangular with Square Corners
Rectangular with Round Corners
Rectangular with Round Sides
  • The rectangular product range includes all popular busbar sizes in any of the common edge finishes.
    Sizes range from a minimum of 10 x 3mm up to a width of 200mm.
  • Squares range from 6mm up to 101.6 mm and Round products range from 6mm up to 114.3 mm.
  • Profiles are manufactured on request.
  • Phosphor De-oxidised (PDO) anodes, plate & slugs are also manufactured for the electroplating industry.
  • Earth tape product ranges are available in popular sizes.

Related Standards Designations

Copper busbar and rods for electrical purposes are covered by the following international Standards:

Alloy No 004 005 018
Description Fire refined tough pitch high conductivity Phosphorous deoxidised non-arsenical copper High residual phosphorous deoxidised copper
Common Name HC Copper (FRHC) DHP Electroplating Anode Copper
British BS 2874 C102 C106  
German DIN E-Cu57 SF-Cu  
American ASTM C11020 C12200 C12220
Japanese JIS C1100 C1220  
Inter. ISO Cu-ETP Cu-DHP  

General Specifications

Electrical Properties Resistivity , 0.0172 mm2/m
Mechanical Alloy No Hardness
  004 DIN Brinell Rockwell F
  F20 45 - 70 44 - 71
005 F25 71 - 90 72 - 87
Product Properties Hardness As extruded (soft), Half hard, Hard drawn, depending on requirements.
  Packaging Export: Boxed in seaworthy wooden boxes and strapped.
Local: Bundled and strapped
Bending Bending test of 90° to be passed
Certification All busbars supplied are accompanied with a quality assurance certificate indicating chemical composition and mechanical properties.